Last night [1st Annual YMC Dinner] was superb.  It was the perfect context for men to gather and reconnect with their Jewish peers.  I am grateful to you all for organizing and hosting a wonderful evening (and to my wife Rebecca for suggesting that I attend)!

My special thanks to Rabbi Feinstein for his story about the “Men of the Minyan”.  This parable perfectly encapsulates my recent history at VBS as Rabbi Hoffman married Rebecca and I in May of 2006 and shortly thereafter I sat shiva for my dad with Yossi and the men of the minyan.  Now I am raising a family at VBS and look forward to having network and a “band of brothers” to rely on and upon.

Hope you all have a great Shabbat and I look forward to spending time with you over the ensuing months.

Shabbat Shalom,
Jay Rosen