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How do I Join?
If you are a member of Valley Beth Shalom and have paid your $36 Annual Dues, you are officially in!! We often welcome guests who simply want to come hang out without worry as a method of giving a taste to prospective members!

Why Join?

The existing Men’s Club has served many important philanthropic, religious, community and financial based needs. We are here to supplement that commitment by providing social opportunities to enable participation and then promote our religious, cultural and engagement agendas! The wives have Z’Havah. The husbands also strongly desired a young social group – a men’s only chavurah!


We have year around programming. We have four annual events happening for their THIRD time. Our first annual BBQ Dinner was extremely successful with over 75 participants. Our recent 2nd annual BBQ Welcome Dinner was smashing success with nearly 95 participants (20 more than last year). Major kudos to our president Jason Stern and board members Jonathan Hartman, Stephen Beck, Ronen Kleinman, Eric Schreiber, Dan Epstein and Jeremy Broekman.